Alpha-Clear Winter Screenwash -60


Alpha-Clear Winter Screen Wash -60 is a powerful highly concentrated ethanol-based windscreen washer fluid. It quickly cleans grime and insects from the windscreen. By supplementing the screen-wash with special additives, the windscreen does not refreeze and the windscreen washer jets do not freeze over. This product has the following properties:


  • Nano-technological additive system
  • Frost protection up to -60 ºC
  • High alcohol content
  • Excellent cleaning effect


Alpha-Clear Winter Screen Wash -60 can be added to the water in the windscreen washer tank. By adding in different proportions (see dilution advice below), a high level of protection against freezing can be achieved. The product is less harmful to the environment than methanol or IPA-based windscreen washers, and is less harmful upon contact with the skin. Alpha-Clear Winter Screen Wash -60 offers the following benefits: • Forms an unbroken film on the windscreen, repels water and prevents the adhesion of contaminants • Dissolves ice, hoarfrost and prevents quick re-icing • Keeps fluid phase during cold winter temperatures • Effectively removes dirt sticking to windscreens • No impairment to seal materials and vehicle paintwork


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Alpha-Clear Winter Screenwash -60 is available in High Quality HDPE cans of 1, 4, 5, 10, 18 & 20 liters and in 60, 200 and 208 liter metal drums.

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