Aura H-68 SC


Aura H-68 SC is a high performance synthetic compressor oil developed for screw and vane compressors. It is a polyalphaolefin (PAO) based synthetic lubricating oil containing additives with balanced composition that inhibit oxidation, corrosion and foaming. It ensures outstanding protection and performance for rotary compressors that have oil injection lubrication and that produce high pressures and high temperatures at the end of compression. Using it, a longer oil change interval is possible, relative to mineral oil based compressor oils operated under similar conditions (load, ambient temperature, quality of the delivered gas).. Aura H-68 SC features the following properties:


  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Highly effective against wear and resistant to corrosion
  • Powerful cleaning and stain-removing ability
  • Good resistance to foaming
  • Rapid separation of oil from condensation, thereby reducing the consumption of carbon cartridges in the oil-water separator.


Aura H-68 SC has been specially developed for the lubrication of oil-injected screw and rotary vane compressors with relatively high operating temperatures. The product contains a formula for effective water repellence. This allows you to comply with the current requirements relating to condensation drain in a responsible manner. Aura H-68 SC offers the following benefits: • Forms a lubricant film layer with high load-carrying ability, so protects the condition of moving machine elements, facilitating efficient energy consumption and reduces the risk of cavitation • Ensures cleanliness of compression chamber elements and bearings, enables extended oil service intervals and reduced maintenance costs • Resists the ageing process and deposit formation long term, even at high operating temperature and pressure conditions • Excellent water separation, Water accumulating at the bottom of the tank can be removed easily


DIN: 51506 VDL / 51517-2 (CL) /  51352-2 ISO: L-DAA / L-DAB / L-DAG / L-DAH / L-DAJ GM: LJ-04-3-00 SAE: MS1003-2 Type DPJ

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Aura H-68 SC is available in High Quality HDPE cans of 1, 4, 5, 10, 18 & 20 liters and in 60, 200 and 208 liter metal drums.

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