Cygni 5W50 “Racing”

Cygni 5W50 “Racing” is a modern, synthetic, fuel-saving, universal motor oil based on synthetic base oils with a naturally high viscosity index. It is supplemented with highly advanced additives to achieve the following properties:   Fuel saving Extremely high viscosity index and high resistance to shearing A smooth cold start Protective lubricant film, even at… Continue reading Cygni 5W50 “Racing”

Orion 0W20 “Racing”

Orion 0W20 “Racing” is a modern and low-viscosity synthetic motor oil. Due to the fact that very low-viscosity motor oils contribute significantly towards a reduction in fuel consumption, the use of these oils is increasingly being required by the manufacturers for their very latest models. Specially selected base oils, combined with the latest additives, provide… Continue reading Orion 0W20 “Racing”