Garden 2T

Garden 2T is a 2-stroke motor oil based on carefully selected premium base oils. Garden 2T is designed for lubricating two-stroke, gasoline mixture-lubricated or oil injection gardening machines, such as grass mowers, lawn-edge trimmers, spraying machines and sawing machines. It is supplemented with special, 2-stroke additives to achieve the following properties:   The lubrication of… Continue reading Garden 2T

Prokart 2T

Prokart 2T is a fully-synthetic, two-stroke engine oil, which has been specially developed for use in racing engines. It guarantees the maximum possible engine performance. Selected basic oils (based on synthetic ester) and special additives ensure excellent lubrication and minimum wear, even under the most extreme conditions. The product keeps the spark plugs, combustion chamber… Continue reading Prokart 2T

Proscoot 2T

Proscoot 2T is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils for air cooled 2-stroke gasoline engines. This oil is specifically designed for two-stroke engines of motorcycles with mixed or separate lubrication. It assures a remarkable cleanliness of the engine, and has a high lubricity and a high thermal stability.… Continue reading Proscoot 2T

Superscoot 2T

Superscoot 2T is a high-performance, catalytic converter-friendly, pre-dissolved motor oil for mixture lubricated and oil injecting (autolube) two-stroke engines. Excellent for engines in all types of two-stroke motorbikes, gardening machines, sewing machines, and other two-stroke vehicles equipped with catalytic converters. It can be applied at up to 1:50 mixing ratio in compliance with the manufacturers’… Continue reading Superscoot 2T