Styx EPS 320


Styx 320 EPS is an extreme pressure oil for industrial gears. The paraffinic character of the base oil ensures an excellent course of the viscosity/temperature curve and a high resistance against oxidation and ageing. The high pressure additives based on sulfur and phosphorus compounds form a chemical film on tooth surfaces and as such prevents wear and a noticeable reduction in friction. Special anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives complete the composition of this oil. Styx 320 EPS features the following properties:


  • Excellent resistance to high pressures and shock loads
  • Exceptional thermal stability providing effective resistance to high temperatures
  • Effective oxidation stability against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent protection against micro-pitting
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Excellent resistance to foaming
  • A low pour point


Styx 220 EPS can be used for the lubrication of nearly all types of high performance spur and helical, spur and spiral bevel, enclosed industrial gear drives that are subject to heavy and/or shock loads as well as for oil lubricated sliding and rolling bearings and mist lubrication systems. Styx 320 EPS offers the following benefits: • Excellent load-carrying properties, no lubricating film disruption even under shock loads, giving protection against seizure giving long gear lifetime and reliable operation • Resists the ageing process and deposit formation, even at high operating temperatures, giving long oil lifetimes and reduced maintenance costs • No deposit formation, low filtering cost and reduced downtime • Excellent water separation, Water accumulating at the bottom of the tank can be removed easily • Excellent yellow metal compatibility, fully compatible with bronze and copper metal parts


AGMA: 9005-E02 EP / 251.02 EP / 250.04 EP AIST: (US Steel) 224 CINCINNATI: (Lamb) P-59 DAVID BROWN: S1.53.101 Type E DIN: 51517-3 CLP FLENDER: (Siemens) ISO: 12925-1 CKD / L-CKD MÜLLER W: CLP 320 SEB: 181/226 SIEMENS: T7300-A14 STAS: 12163-84 US STEEL: 222/223/224

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Styx EPS 320 is available in High Quality HDPE cans of 10, 18 & 20 liters as well as in 60, 200 and 208 liter metal drums.

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