Emerald RT86 HD 10W40 is an extremely modern synthetic diesel motor oil for use in commercial vehicles that is of an unprecedented level of quality. By using synthetic base oils combined with the latest additives technology, Emerald RT86 HD 10W40 sets the new standard for motor oil used in commercial vehicles. The product achieves the following properties:


  • Saves fuel and keeps oil consumption exceptionally low
  • A smooth cold start, even at extremely low temperatures
  • Provides a strong lubricant film, even under the most extreme operating conditions
  • Excellent cleaning ability
  • Prevents engine wear
  • Copes exceptionally well with the long oil change intervals that are common today
  • Also prevents bore polishing


Emerald RT86 HD 10W40 is suitable for modern diesel engines that are required to perform in the most severe operating conditions. Highly suitable for use in diesel engines with low exhaust gas emissions (including EURO 3, 4 and 5), in combination with diesel fuels with a low sulfur content. Emerald RT86 HD 10W40 has been developed, in keeping with the manufacturers' instructions, to allow very long oil change intervals while retaining a very long and problem-free service life.


ACEA: E4-12 / E6 – 12 / E7-12 API: CF CUMMINS: CES20072 DAF: Extended Drain DEUTZ: DQC III-10 IVECO: SHPDO MACK: EO-N MAN: 3277 MERCEDES: 228.5 MTU: Type 3 SCANIA: LDF-2 / LDF-3 RENAULT: RD-2 / RLD-2 / RXD VOLVO: VDS-3 VOITH: Retarder Oil Class A

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Emerald RT86 HD 10W40 is available in High Quality HDPE cans of 5, 10, 18 & 20 liters as well as in 60, 200 and 208 liter metal drums.

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