Helius 75W80 FS

Helius 75W80 FS is a high quality Fully Synthetic transmission oil, suitable for nearly all manual gearboxes of passenger cars. It is especially suitable as a replacement for specific OEM original oils and reduces the complexity and storage of gearbox oils. Tested under strict conditions, this oil satisfies the general performance requirements of most car makers and models, in all weather conditions, the following properties are achieved:


  • Saves fuel (cost benefit
  • Does not affect seals in any way (no risk of leakage)
  • A strong lubricant film, even under the toughest conditions (high technical reliability)
  • Its low viscosity ensures that gear-changing takes place more easily (ease of use)
  • Effectively prevents wear on the gearbox and bearings (extending the service life of drive line)
  • Copes exceptionally well with the (extended) oil change intervals that apply nowadays (for added security)