Texti-Lube WM15


Texti-lube WM15 is a white, technical mineral oil. The product is mainly made up of a mixture of saturated paraffin and cycloparaffin hydrocarbons. As a result of intensive refining, this oil is acid-free and almost color and odor-free. This product has the following properties:


  • No harmful deposits are formed even at high temperatures
  • Excellent properties are sustained for a long time
  • Oxidation rates are slower, thus ensuring longer oil and equipment lifetimes
  • Maintenance costs can be reduced
  • Reliable operation over a wide range of ambient and operational temperatures
  • Safe application throughout the year
  • Provides lower environmental and health impact during manufacturing


Texti-lube WM15 can be used as lubricant for equipment exposed to low loads, and as base materials in various applications in the chemical industry. Some examples where Texti-lube WM-15 can be used: • As a lubricant for precision engineering equipment and for sewing machines and other textile machines • As a lubricant for high speed spindles, low-duty machine elements and machine-tool spindles • As a lubricant for fine instruments • As a raw material for various processes • As a raw material in the chemical industry • As a process oil for the rubber industry • As a carrier oil for insecticides and/or pesticides • Please note! This oil should not be used in the medical and food industries, in which food products may come into contact with the oil.



Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Texti-lube WM15 is available in High Quality HDPE cans of 10, 18 & 20 liters and in 60, 200 and 208 liter metal drums.

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